Your secret weapon against credit card debt

MasonPay makes it easy to manage and pay all of your credit card accounts from one place.

Our Story

MasonPay started as a simple question: If most people are in debt, why are there so many investing apps? After all, any financial advisor would tell you to pay off high-interest debt before investing. So if you’re in debt, where do you turn? 

It turns out that there are barely any resources for those in debt that aren’t outright predatory. Financial technology has done very little for people in debt besides slinging self-serving product referrals and loan offers. To make matters worse, investing apps don’t bother to ask you if you’re still paying down high-interest debt – they just tell you to open an account and start investing! After all, anyone can do it.

Well, we weren’t satisfied with that. So we set out to do something different – use financial technology to do something good. No conflicting incentives, no ulterior motives. The MasonPay team came together with the shared belief that we can do better with financial technology and truly make a positive impact on those who need it most.

MasonPay wasn’t conceived in a conference room full of Silicon Valley executives looking for a “new angle” on the industry. It was founded by a small, diverse team that is passionate about using technology to empower its users. We understand the impact that your finances can have on your relationships, health and overall happiness, and are constantly seeking the best ways to help our users reach their fullest potential.

The Team

Matt Haghighi
Matt entered the financial services industry with the goal of using technology to make the industry more inclusive. Building off of a career in the financial advisory space, one pattern became clear: those who needed help the most were not the ones getting it.
Sam Trapkin
With a background in interactive design and strategy, Sam joined forces with Matt and Alex to form MasonPay in 2016. Mason isn’t just about money to Sam – it’s about building something that makes peoples lives better. 
Alex Pines
Alex is an interactive designer with a background working with technology companies, design studios, non-profits, and advertising agencies. Throughout his career, he has found ways to use design and technology to improve the lives of others.
Riyaz Shaikh
Riyaz is a technology architect with over 12 years of hands-on experience developing high-impact digital projects. As CTO, Riyaz focuses on leveraging technology to maximize the capacity in which MasonPay can serve its users. 


Steve Lockshin
Steve Lockshin is an entrepreneur within the wealth advisory industry, and has been ranked #1 financial advisor by Barron’s in California and national rankings. Steve is known for re-imagining the industry from both a services and technology perspective, the efforts of which can be seen through his current venture, AdvicePeriod, while also playing an active role at numerous FinTech ventures where he is an investor and advisor. Prior to starting AdvicePeriod, Lockshin was the founder of Convergent Wealth Advisors and Fortigent. Steve is also the author of Get Wise To Your Advisor, offering investors insights on how to find a capable, “true-fiduciary” advisor.
Susan French
Susan has worked in the financial services sector for more than 25 years and is currently Head of Payments for BBVA Open Platform, BBVA’s open API marketplace. Previously with Visa Inc., Susan created and launched Visa Developer, Visa’s strategic platform to enable developers at financial institutions, merchants, strategic partners, and FinTech startups to access the capabilities of the Visa network via APIs and SDKs. Some of her other roles at Visa included Vice President of Research and Central Technology, Innovation Program Manager for the Innovation and Strategic Partnerships team, and Head of Enterprise Architecture.
Nick Gavronsky
Nick is a passionate product leader with a background in design, product development, and building businesses in fintech, ecommerce, and food and beverage for consumer and enterprise users. Nick is currently Head of Product and Entrepreneur in Residence at LAUNCH where he is building a new consumer ecommerce product. He previously served as the Director of Product at Slice, and was an early employee and Senior Product Manager at Betterment. Nick also lead Product at OpenFin and started his career at Citi as a Product Manager and Financial Analyst.