Break the cycle.

It's time to take back control of your money. MasonPay gives you the tools you need to get out debt faster, save on interest, and start building your financial future.

The top 100 users will receive early access when MasonPay launches

What is MasonPay?

MasonPay helps people with multiple credit cards pay down their debt as quickly and efficiently as possible. We put money back in your pocket by helping you save on interest. By linking your credit card accounts, MasonPay is able to formulate a monthly plan that works within your budget – telling you exactly how much to pay and when.

Pay off debt, minimize interest

Breaking the cycle of debt can feel impossible. MasonPay alleviates that anxiety by providing a payment plan based on how much you can set aside every month, helping you get out of debt faster while saving on interest and fees.

Transparency into your accounts

Do you know what your interest rate (APR) is or how much you’re paying in interest every year? Neither did we. MasonPay links your accounts and gives you insights that your bank tries to hide.

Track your progress

The only thing better than paying down debt is seeing your savings in real-time. MasonPay keeps track of how much interest you’ve saved by following your payment plan.